Of This Earth | Published by Ponsonby News, Friday 7 September 2018
A botanical offering by Katherine Throne and Felicity Jones, Allpress Studio, October 30th-November 9th

Oil paint and foraged flora are combining in a botanical celebration that guarantees to feed the soul.

Painter Katherine Throne and floral stylist Felicity Jones’s upcoming collaborative exhibition Of This Earth at Allpress Studio explores our connection to the natural world. Their message is simple: slow down, notice the simple but breathtaking natural beauty around us, and connect to the grounding energy it offers.

Both artists believe our relationship to the earth is essential for human wellbeing.  Felicity believes that our connection to the botanical world is instinctive. “It’s in our DNA, she says.  “Often people don’t realize how important it is, then they receive flowers and are surprised by the joy they bring.”  Tapping into this emotional connection is primal and vital, they believe, the faster and more complex our lives become.

Katherine adds that our alignment to the botanical world is fundamental to human life on earth. “Trees, plants, flowers, healthy soil – they are essential for our human survival.” The problem, she says, is when we don’t care about what we don’t know about. Although their materials are different, the artists are united in their goal of highlighting the botanical and arousing an emotive response that leads to increased knowledge and interest in gardens and green spaces.

Slowness is also a big factor. For Felicity, that means growing her own flowers without chemicals, and using sustainable floristry practices.

For Katherine, it’s about looking and noticing – the parts of the garden that are left to ramble, or the way light refracts through layers of undergrowth. “I’m interested in the energy the botanical world surges with, and translating that into marks on a canvas,” she says. “That energy in a painting can have a profound impact.”

The exhibition follows on from the duo’s successful collaboration Wallflower at Allpress Studio last year. as well as the painting collection and floral installation, this year’s exhibition features two floristry workshops in the studio where Felicity will be passing on her secrets of creating a gorgeous bouquet and styling a fabulous centerpiece.  Spaces will be limited so bookings are essential.

Of This Earth runs from October 30th to November 9th at Allpress Studio in Freeman’s Bay.  Floral workshops on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November, contact info@felicityjones.co.nz for bookings.